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Leo Burnett Chicago
35 West Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601
United States

Kappie Kopp

VP Reputation and Communications

Emily Doskow

Chief Marketing Officer

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The Best Way to Save the Planet? Do Nothing.

Leo Burnett Chicago's new work for the United Nations shows us how to be proactive by hitting pause.

Saving the world is a huge task to take on. In fact, when you phrase it like that, it sounds impossible to be as green and eco-friendly as we need in order to effect real change. That’s why Leo Burnett Chicago has centered the campaign for the United Nations’ 12th Global Goal around doing absolutely nothing.

The United Nations has 17 Global Goals, each created to help transform our world into a more sustainable, eco-friendly place. In a partnership with YouTube, the United Nations and Tribeca Studios, Leo Burnett set out to make a compelling campaign for the 12th Global Goal; responsible consumption and production. The campaign features 17 spots — ranging from 6 seconds to 1.5 minutes — leveraging YouTube’s Video ad sequencing product to engage viewers with different content and storylines based on how they interact with each asset.

To truly connect with people that want to save the planet during this spot, Leo Burnett took inspiration from two key insights. The first: Being completely green can sound so intimidating that people give up. The second: Serving up this sustainable message with a side of humor would be essential to grabbing people’s attention.

With comedians like Gilbert Gottfried, David Cross, Bridget Everett and many more, the concept of doing nothing to save the planet became not only practical, but enticing. Don’t buy new jeans. Don’t turn on your heat. Don’t waste food. Light candles and cook leftovers instead… See how proactive you feel by incorporating some inaction into your life.

These spots will be featured across YouTube as video ad sequencing in-stream ads to show audiences everywhere that doing nothing is the most powerful something you can do when it comes to the planet. In fact, it’s everything.

August 14, 2020