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Samsung’s “Launching People” Takes a Mixed Approach

Executive Creative Directors Marcio Juniot and Dan Chodrow Discuss the New Program

In 2013, Samsung debuted the first “Launching People” program in 11 countries as a digitally driven consumer initiative that created award-winning programs such as the “Maestros Academy” in Italy and the “S-Drive” in Australia that changed, and saved, lives.

This year, the new “Launching People” program, titled “Mixed Talents,” is adopting a new approach: In each market, two experts from different areas of expertise will partner with millennials to present solutions that affect their local communities with the help of Samsung technology.

For Leo Burnett, “Mixed Talents” represents another success in implementing Creativity Without Borders, dubbed the agency’s “operating system.” The concept helps break down barriers to enable the agency’s best creative minds to collaborate across regions. In this case, “Mixed Talents” is a product of Leo Burnett Tailor Made Brazil and Leo Burnett Chicago.

To help explain the synergy in making “Mixed Talents,” the executive creative directors from both offices leading the effort, Dan Chodrow from Chicago and Marcio Juniot from Brazil (below, from left) discuss the collaboration behind the new program and what it means to them:

Dan & Marcio - 2

This is the third year of Samsung’s “Launching People.” How is this year’s campaign different from the previous two?

Marcio: In the last two years, “Launching People” was about how Samsung technology could help people fulfill their potential. This year, we are taking it a step further with a new approach: how can Samsung technology enable different people to join their talents together and create something amazing?

Dan: This year's “Launching People” program is the best view we’ve had of millennials and their issues from a regional point of view. It is interesting to observe both the similarities and differences of the problems that have been identified in individual local markets.

What’s the reason behind getting people of “Mixed Talents” involved to help solve the problems? What kind of experts will be available in the different markets?

Marcio: Great ideas always come from unexpected connections, especially when people of different cultures, background and expertise put their minds together in a way that has never been done before. The experts we are going to team up with for “Mixed Talents” are from a range of different fields: engineers, artists, physicians, teachers, musicians, and scientists from Australia, China, Italy, South Africa and Latin America.

Why do you think this is something millennials would want to be engaged in?

Marcio: Millennials have a special interest in the world they live in. They are more aware of problems facing the world, especially environmental and unemployment issues, and they want to be a part of the change for the better.

Dan: Millennials don't only care more, they expect more control over their destiny. “Launching People” is a great means to contribute to change.

What are you expecting to achieve for Samsung with this campaign?

Marcio: We strive to enhance brand loyalty by creating an emotional connection with young consumers, generating participation and brand experiences that are relevant for our target, and create a differentiation for the brand.

Dan: Moreover, I think “Launching People” is an effort to let people know that Samsung isn't looking for an on-the-mountaintop, “big brand” relationship with people. They don’t want to drive, but rather be along for the ride.

This campaign is yet another example of Creativity Without Borders led by both Leo Burnett Brazil and Chicago. How did your teams work together?

Marcio: The campaign is called “Mixed Talents.” Hence, there’s nothing more natural than to reach across borders and join teams. Two heads think better than one, and in this case, two offices. It’s been an amazing experience, and a personal and professional growth for both teams. We’ve been working together closely since the beginning, helping each other create world-class work.

Dan: I totally agree. It's all Leo Burnett, after all. That said, like any ambitious notion, Creativity Without Borders is easy to embrace, yet challenging to execute. So it’s gratifying to see it work so well between our two teams. “Launching People” is an example of a group of like-spirited professionals coming together to make the best creative product they can. Egos and attitudes are checked at the door. Plus, this is a global idea in its execution, so it’s silly to be territorial when the territory in question spans multiple continents.

Personally, what are you both most excited about this campaign?

Marcio: I’m excited about the unusual solutions and ideas that will probably come from this campaign and all the people who will benefit from them. We believe that, by the end of the day, “Mixed Talents” can really make a difference in the world we live in.

Dan: The potential for making a real difference is exciting. I'm also interested in the anthropological implications of what each market identifies as a key problem, and how each goes about solving it. Hopefully both the similarities and regional differences will prove insightful.

“Launching People Mixed Talents” has been activated across eight key markets: Australia, Chile, China, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, Peru and South Africa.