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Leo Burnett Iberia
Ramirez de Arellano, 21
Madrid, 28043
+34 91 590 5000

Ana Simoes

CFO & HR Director

Clara Marchan

Managing Director

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Ruavieja Reveals the Prisons We Create Are Keeping Us From Each Other

The new holiday campaign builds on 2018’s acclaimed video “The Time We Have Left.”

How often do you pause and reflect on the last time you saw someone you really care about? Our guess is not nearly enough. And the number of times you’ve actually gone to see them? Even fewer.

Most likely you can come up with all manner of excuses for why you’ve let so much time go by. My job is stressful. The kids keep me busy. These are truths and excuses.

They are also self-constructed prisons that keep us apart from some of the people we love most.

“We lock ourselves in prisons that we create—routine, exacting standards, obligations,” explains Dr. Olga Cordoba, a psychotherapist who collaborated on the campaign. “Often we can’t see our prison until something important happens.”

Beyond the excuses we create, the doors of our prisons have always been open. It’s up to us to break free.

That’s the focus of “Escape,” Leo Burnett Madrid and Ruavieja’s new campaign. When the liqueur company’s survey revealed that a majority of Spaniards spend their lives feeling trapped by routine, Ruavieja used this eye-opening insight to again ask us to reflect on how much time we devote to our relationships—and whether it’s really enough.

For this year’s campaign, Ruavieja and Dr. Cordoba created a personalized test for consumers to discover which prison (e.g., routine, pride, self-discipline) keeps us trapped.

“Ruavieja is a brand committed to the mission of contributing to creating a better society,” said Juan Garcia-Escudero, the campaign’s creative director. “That generosity translates into campaigns like this, which are more than just campaigns, because they try to open our eyes to a reality of which we are not fully aware.”

Once again, Ruavieja helps release us from the confines of our daily lives, and remind us of what’s most important.

December 12, 2019