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Leo Burnett Santo Domingo
Prolongacion Arabia #13, Altos de Arroyo Hondo
Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic
+809 565 0558

Douglas Castro

General Manager

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Leo Burnett Tailor Made and Samsung Give the Galaxy S9 its Big-screen Debut

To showcase the Galaxy S9’s capabilities, Samsung and Leo Burnett Tailor Made created a big-screen moment.

Our Brazil office partnered with Samsung to announce the Galaxy S9’s powerful camera in a big way.

Showcasing the Galaxy S9’s new features, our Brazil team created an unique, in-theater experience that captured the audience’s attention. A highlight of the S9 is its high-tech camera, capable of adapting to any light, making it possible to take pictures in even the darkest places.

To prove its power, the Tailor Made team turned a movie screen into a super-sized Galaxy S9 camera, snapping real-time photos of moviegoers in the theater, screening the cinematic quality of its photos for all to see.