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Trade Mark Leo Burnett
AF Business House, Nizami Str. 203B
Baku, AZ1010
+994 12 493 31 90

Abbas Fatullayev

Managing Director Trade Mark Leo Burnett

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Imagine a World Where You Actually Reach the Bottom of Your Laundry Basket

The new campaign for Samsung Add Wash turns laundry aspirations into reality in the most relatable way.

Nearly everyone can relate to the dream of having an empty laundry basket for longer than two seconds. In Leo Burnett Israel’s newest spot for Samsung Israel, that dream became a reality and the man became a legend.

“We spend hours upon hours trying and most of the time failing to get to see the bottom of our laundry basket,” said Ami Alush, chief creative officer, Leo Burnett Israel. “Of course it is absolutely impossible to achieve this goal if you have kids. So, when a frustrated dad succeeds in seeing his empty basket he really thinks he is a hero. He achieved the unachievable. He is one of a kind. In his imagination he is flying, a modern-day hero.”

The humorous spot shows a dad loading a Samsung washing machine and miraculously reaching the bottom of the laundry basket. Caught up in the feeling, he fantasizes a world where he’s a national hero—with newspaper headlines proclaiming his achievement, statues erected in his honor, and feature films telling his success story—only to be brought back to reality when his daughter throws one lingering piece of laundry into the empty basket. Luckily, Samsung’s new ‘Add Wash” feature makes it possible for everyone to overcome this moment of defeat and embrace their fantasy as the “Man Who Got to the Bottom of the Laundry Basket.”