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Leo Burnett Detroit
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Monica Lambert

HR Recruiting Manager

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São Paulo

From Organ Transplants to Guitar Heroes, 5 Exceptional Ads from Leo Burnett São Paulo

Leo Burnett Tailor Made of São Paulo shows off craft with ‘Solidarity Queue,’ 'Donation Badges,' ‘The Rockstar Next Door,’ ‘Alphabet E, Y and T,’ and ‘Drunk Prank Pack.’

Clube Sangue Bom’s “Solidarity Queue,” GPC Rating: 8.1

Leo Burnett Tailor Made of São Paulo solved Clube Sangue Bom’s problem of not receiving enough blood donations by creating a simple solution: The "Solidarity Queue."

“I don’t have time” is an excuse for a lot of people—especially when it comes to donating blood. São Paulo has a population of 20 million, but is a city with limited options when it comes to leisure and recreation. The result is many long queues that sometimes wrap around the block.

Clube Sangue Bom wanted to give people a chance to make better use of their time, while also giving people a chance to live. The agency first tested out the "Solidarity Queue” at a Picasso exhibition, where the estimated waiting time was two hours. Clube Sangue Bom used that time to ask people to donate blood in a nearby mobile unit, while volunteers held their places in line.

People did not lose any of their time and were happy they helped save lives. Since “Solidarity Queue” was introduced, Club Sangue Bom’s daily donation increased by 50%. This idea became a new pathway of donation that is now a permanent part of the city’s cultural landscape.

ABTO’s “Donation Badges,” GPC Rating: 8.0

By using a national passion, Leo Burnett São Paulo and ABTO (The Brazilian Association of Organ Transplants) were able to emphasize the meaning of donating an organ, by creating “Donation Badges."

More than 200,000 people in Brazil are on an organ-transplant waiting list. That is because many people refuse to be a donor. In attempt to create awareness and increase the number of organ-transplant donations, ABTO grabbed the attention of sports lovers across the country.

A special jersey was created for Vitória, one of Brazil’s biggest football teams. The jerseys had a detachable Velcro badge with the words “Be an Organ Donor” written on them. During game substitutions, the first round of players passed on their badges to their substitutes. This exemplified the idea that when the game is over for one person, it can continue for someone else.

More than 21 million people were reached by this idea. “Donation Badges” gained a lot of press, especially across live sports broadcast channels. One of the substitutes even scored a winning goal that put Brazil into the next round for the World Cup.

Guitar Player's “The Rockstar Next Door,” GPC Rating: 7.4

Leo Burnett São Paulo supported Guitar Player Magazine's quest to find the next generation of musical talent by using a rockstar-in-training’s worst enemy: the complaining neighbor.

The future of rock depends on players who devote endless hours practicing the guitar. With the understanding that every guitar player likely has a sore-eared neighbor, Guitar Player was able to track down the most dedicated guitarists in the area. The search started at the AABIC Association of Condominiums, a group that receives a great deal of noise complaints every month. After scanning its database, Guitar Player was en route to find the top noise offenders.

Brazilian rock legend Luis Carini visited the guitarists’ apartments with several surprises. Guitar Player gave the musicians new, custom-made guitars, soundproofed their walls and taught them the Guitar Player method to improve their technique.

Guitar Player wanted to ensure young musicians were able to practice their instruments and strengthen their artistry. The agency took a source of negative energy and creatively transformed it into a pathway to new talent. The search was made into a documentary that was shared across the worldwide web.

IVECO’s “Alphabet E, Y and T,” GPC Rating: 7.0

Leo Burnett São Paulo helped IVECO Truck promote an important message by using three letters of the alphabet.

Texting and driving has led to destructive accidents and fatal crashes around the world. To bring attention to this problem, IVECO came out with a series of magazine print ads featuring the letters E, Y and T.

On each letter lives a story that illustrates the dangers of texting while driving. Because there is so much crafted detail on each letter, it is almost guaranteed viewers will spend more time looking at them, in order to understand the story.

The copy below the letter reads: A single letter can be fatal. Don’t text and drive. Iveco Truck.

Schin 0% Alcohol’s “Drunk Prank Pack,” GPC Rating: 7.0

To promote Schin’s 0% Alcohol beverage, the agency helped create the “Drunk Prank Pack,” a special party pack for the sober to have fun with their inebriated friends.

There’s a mentality that the only way to have fun at parties is to get drunk. Schin wanted to prove this wrong.

The “Drunk Prank Pack” is a kit that comes with 0% Alcohol beverages and a makeup kit to help transform passed out friends into goofy-looking clowns, rockstars and more.

With this pack, Schin helped empower a group of people who are usually tormented for not drinking to instead stand out and have fun. “Drunk Prank Packs” were sent to active Facebook fans and influential bloggers to establish a direct connection with their audience. The packs were made available for purchase on Schin’s website, but were completely sold out after a few days.

About the GPC Scale: Every quarter, the Leo Burnett Global Product Committee, comprising our top creative leaders from around the globe, gathers to evaluate the work from the global network. Over the course of a week, the GPC views, discusses and rates the work using our 10-point HumanKind Scale. Work that receives a 7-point rating is considered to be the benchmark for excellence in craft. To learn more about the GPC and the HumanKind Scale, watch this video.