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Abbas Fatullayev

Managing Director Trade Mark Leo Burnett

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Corona Fit Packs: Q-and-A with CCO Federico Russi

The new can design and campaign were selected for the 2019 Cannes Innovation Lions shortlist.

Every year, Cannes Lions touts the year’s most effective and compelling marketing campaigns—with the Innovation Lions honoring the ground-breaking, tech-enabled creative solutions that are transforming products and businesses. One such product on the 2019 Cannes Innovation Lions shortlist is Corona “Fit Packs,” a multi-can solution created as an alternative to plastic packaging—with a design that’s been made opensource for the entire industry.

Leo Burnett Mexico City’s CCO Federico Russi discusses the creative idea, solving for a global challenge, and what it means to be recognized by Cannes.

1. Discuss the concept and creation of Fit Packs—what it the creative idea and how does it work?
The beverage industry generates 17 million tons of plastic worldwide per year—that’s only the packaging. This waste ends up polluting the planet and harming the environment. Many beer brands have tried to substitute this harmful packaging, but most efforts are not cost effective when trying to produce in a mass scale.

Our client briefed us on how to eliminate plastic on their packaging, within a feasible, scalable solution that could be implemented in the different markets.

The challenge is simple to explain: find a solution considering nothing else but the can. And so Fit Packs was born.

We designed a stackable system that screws up to 10 cans together, using only their own design, without the need for any additional material. The assembly system connects at the bottom and top of each can, so several of them can be screwed into each other and create stacks. It’s an innovation that can be scaled on a global level, solving the plastic problem.

2. Cannes Innovation Lions celebrate the creative ideas for products and services that are re-shaping the conversation between brand and consumer. Describe the feeling in the room when this creative idea was proposed?
Everyone in the room immediately knew we had a revolutionary idea in our hand. For the first time we felt we had a real solution that was not only scalable, but financially feasible—and a definitive solution to eliminate plastic from the packaging of our products forever. We even thought this idea could not only change the way Corona stacks its cans, but the way the whole industry does it.

We’ve received very positive feedback, especially among our clients, who are on their way to scaling it up.

4. With media attention to the damage human pollution causes to the Great Barrier Reef, the beaches in Hawaii and other well-known ocean landmarks, are there plans to amplify this product design in other locations around the globe?
Our clients are currently running a pilot. Our dream is for them to extend Fit Packs to every Corona can around the world and even other brands. First thing to consider would be helping the Great Coral Reef of the Mexican Caribbean, which is the second largest reef, after the Great Barrier in Australia.

5. The Fit Can comes on the heels of the Corona Losing Blue campaign, another brilliant example of using packaging to create awareness and a behavior-changing campaign. Can you tell us about Leo Burnett’s relationship with Corona, and what it’s like working with a brand that is willing to use its strength and reputation for good?
The only ideas that truly make a change are both, bold and brave. Our client is tapped into this way of thinking and they are constantly challenging us to take the brand to the next level.

6. What’s next for Corona? Is there more work in-progress that addresses a human/planet need?
The brand will keep protecting beaches from plastic, not only the beaches fit perfectly with the brand, but because they are important to Mexico’s economy—tourism is the country’s second source of foreign revenue. Beaches and oceans are for everyone to enjoy.

7. What’s next for Leo Burnett Mexico City? What can you tease for us to keep an eye out for. Whether for Corona or another brand.
We’re currently working on an idea to connect with startups all over Latin America, which will be huge. We’ll keep you posted.